Laptop overheating is very serious, if not taken care of sooner.


Laptop Overheating:

Random shut downs
Motherboard Malfunctions
Hard Drive Read/Write Error

    Cause of overheating :

    Clogs of dust inside external CPU fan
    Thermal Paste has dried out


    Overheating Fix

    Take apart the laptop
    Eliminate dust and clean with 99% alcohol all dust particles
    Clean CPU old thermal paste off, with 99% alcohol
    +add thermal paste to Central Processing Unit, CPU

    In conclusion

    We have witnessed many people who leave their laptop overheating, and with time there are random shutdown downs caused by malfunction motherboards. When extensive heat is around electronic components solder tends to melt and with sudden movements of the laptop, the solder moves to other electronic components creating a short circuit. The fix is affordable if only you take care of this on time.