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                                                        (Un programa se añadirán todos los días.) 

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    A.  Firefox Safari for safe browsing;Both compatible with windows, & built with a pop-up blocker.

    B. FLashPlayer-64bit or Flash-Player32bit to load videos online that require it. * If you do not-

         see the botom video, then you need flash player. To find out which version of flash you-  

         need; Right click on " My computer" then " properties" and see if you have 32bit or 64-       


    C. Object-Dock to display an amazing looking dock that looks more like the mac.

    D. Itunes32Bit or Itunes64Bit to re-arrange you music, transfer to ipod, iphone etc..

    E. YoutubeDownloaderr; Download any video, then conver it to .mp3,.mp4, .avi etc. 

    Use the following video to test: 1. copy url to program then download 2. Find downloaded video-

    in documents then convert 3. Choose .mp3  4. Ur done ( Note): We use converter from .mov to avi


    F. Request a program or file @ liveTech@SmileyWork.com; more files will be added every day. 

    G. VLCPlayer 32bit or VLcPlayer64Bit : Plays all video formats as well as streaming music.

     Mac Section 

    H. VLCplayer32/64 bit : Plays *.mov, *.avi, *.flv as well as stream. Plays Kareoke files & movies.


    JD Steam Cleaning

     is a family owned carpet cleaning business in Massachusetts. Along with carpets they also clean rugs, Upholstery, Tile, Grout and VCT(VInyl Composition Tile) care for commercial and residential clients. Give them a call you will be glad you did. JD SteamCleaning (978)376-8922


    Massachusetts Constable & Process Servers [Visit Website]


    Call (978)682-1900. 

    MiddlesexBarbarians Rugby in Boston MA

    We are Division 1 team competing in the New England Football Union. Visit our site for more information, as well as Find us Facebook. Interested in watching us or trying out our practices? Tues/Thurs 8pm-10pm @ Malden Catholic High School Foot Ball Turf field.  




 Fall 2011