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I. Ghosting: Back up your system with an image.

II. Installing Windows operating system in 15min including Win7

III. Laptop Overheating, causes and cures. 

IV. Install Windows XP inside windows 7 in 25min.



Research for technician(s)


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Basically what we are going to post here, is all of our work we do at our computer repair shop. So lets say you read our research every day, you too can learn how to repair your own PC and view what problems people have these days that can be solved by all of us working together. 

We are working to put together a blog, on the site and have users interact on our website. Users can also give us tips and help us grow. Because if we grow that means the information will be infinite on this site, with videos, tutorials, manuals and more. 


Day 3.

Researching better techniques to teach our customers,on how to use their mac or personal computer in better and efficiently.  For example, a new user can learn how to drag their favorite websites to the browser tool bar. Something so simple to us maybe be new to a newbie. 

For our busines, we have just found out how to install an operating system that usually takes 1 1/2 hours and minimize this time to 15-30min.


I. Ghosting can save you time, our approach here is how we can make our job faster and in less time.

Ghost : We first checked how much space was used for a windows installation. Then we took that data and we used a windows software to partition(split) the hard drive so that the second partitioned had what was used for a windows installation and we added a few more gigabytes to that new partition. We then used GHOST to make a backup of the customers C:\ drive  in the new partition  D:\ .  and saved all data there. GHOST compresed everything and the used space for the new partition D:\ was less than the data we gathered from C:\ being the used space. 

This procedure allows any technician to work faster and profecient in case the customer comes back with a virus, windows errors and more. Simply use ghost to recover a back up and the customer leaves with his/her computer quick. Technician tho must run a Hardware Diagnostic to ensure that all hardware on MAC or PC is 100% in working condition. If technician only does the back up then, the customer might leave the store with hardware errors, memory problems etc. Diagnostic must be run and is finished in less than three hours. 

To recap:Tech runs a Diagnostic of the infected computer, checking all hardware.  2. Tech removes viruses and installs same virus software used for the clean for the customer(this way customer can do a virus removal him/her self).  2. Once clean technician asks customer if they want a back up? if they do, WIndows partition is used and GHOST is used to make back up. Technician spends 3hours in Comp Diagnostic + 4hours (virus clean)+10min installing GHOST, Back up takes 30min. Total time spent = 7hours 40min  (1hr 30min Win updates)

Backup or Imaging


Work 1


Hardware Diagnostics


Install Operating system + Updates+drivers+patches

8hr 30min

Install Internet and computer Security software (non-expire)

                                               Labor   = 11hour 30min



Work 2


Hardware Diagnostics
3 Hours


Making a backup of a fresh install of operating system



                                                 Labor = 3hour 30min

Work 1 is a computer infected, Work 2 is done also with Work.  Hence Work 1 = Work 2; 

Work 2 saves a technician time, if a customer returns with any future problems or infection.

[ Time Saved = uknown ]

Time Saved = Aprox. 8hrs



II. Installing Operating System in 15minutes

There is a way that you can throw all files from a Operating system CD to a hard drive and run the setup files straight from a hard drive.


Installing Win7 by booting off a USB in 17min

You can also copy a Operating System to a USB drive and boot of that drive.  Win 7 takes 45 to 50min to install depending on machine. Installing windows from a USB takes a total of 17min. Time saving is what this section is all about. ( book mark us )

 Will post soon, as we are done testing the theory.


III. Is your laptop over heating? read the link below.

Read a short article on Laptop overheating, a must read!

IV. Install windows XP under Windows 7 in 25min

We had a customer who came in with his dell i3, and had windows 7 on his system. He wanted to install windows XP but loved windows 7. We explained that he can run windows XP inside a platform of windows 7.


Requirements for XP to work on Windows7 

- Win7, pro, home, ultimate and higher

- Must pass windows validation

- Download the appropriate files and instructions

Instructions found here 



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